One Day I Will Burn The Sea

tonight i danced a fire dance
made of my inferno hair and the skin of a traitor
to burn your “how are you?” back down your throat
into your cold ocean belly

i love the ocean
the way it calls me to its soft blue chest
often it comes to me in my dreams
and demands my lungs from me
until i come to life again

i love you
the way you open my ribs with knives
and fill my throat with gravel
the way you force me into being a human being
the way you split me open along my spine

i love you
like i love death
like i love broken things
like i love myself

i hate you
but it’s nice to know
that if i ever need to drown myself
i can choose either you
or the ocean

"how are you?"
im on fire
trying to burn the sea

battlestarvenus (via battlestarvenus)